About Me

I simply love sheet music.

I knew I had an affinity for music theory and notation the moment I drew my first quarter note back in the second grade in my native Costa Rica. It's many years later and I now live in New York City where my love for all things music continues. I really enjoy the process of creating new sheet music and I always look forward to seeing the finished product. Every time I see a new piece in print I feel like I've just made a beautiful painting! I strive to produce the most accurate and aesthetically pleasing product possible, and my attention to detail is unparalleled.

When I'm not on the tennis court sweeping the floor with my opponents, you can find me at my computer creating scores and parts for ensembles of all sizes, tailoring audition and performance material for vocalists, rearranging interesting tunes, and helping singer/songwriters see their music in print. My clients include orchestrators, composers, arrangers, conductors, actors, singers, music directors, producers, vocal coaches and teachers, and many other arts professionals of all calibers.

I love each and every piece I work on. Please contact me for all your sheet music needs and I'll be happy to help you too.