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Santiago Murillo

Member Local 802 AFM

Description of Services

Music Copying and Engraving

Using the latest computer software and equipment, I create beautifully detailed sheet music for all kinds of ensembles. From large orchestral works to simple chord charts, my sheet music meets the highest standards of design and is ready to be performed, recorded and published.

Music Transcriptions by Ear

Transcribing music by ear is one of the more challenging and fun aspects of my craft. Having the ability to capture music from an audio or video source, I produce new sheet music where none exists.

Adaptive Arrangements

Having someone who can reimagine a preexisting works by adapting its various aspects to suit a different ensemble can open up a world of possibilities. I rearrange pieces to make them work in cases where the original composition and orchestration is different from what is needed or envisioned.

Piano Reductions

Utilizing either my transcribing skills or existing copy, I create piano reductions to be used for easy practice or even performance. The resulting product can be anything from a simple piano/vocal arrangement to a comprehensive piano/conductor score with cues, and anything in between.

Lead sheets

For instances when all that's needed is a simple roadmap that will allow for the greatest freedom for interpretation, I create lead sheets with all the essentials and none of the restrictions. These can be as detailed or as simple as desired.


Other services include transpositions, audition material for actor/singers (with rehearsal piano tracks available upon request), proofreading, editing, score and parts restoration, and more.